The Yeshiva considers spreading the spirit of Torah learning among the People of Israel of the utmost importance.

Consistently and throughout the week there are organized studies connecting Yeshiva students and Mitzpe Ramon residents. The Rosh Yeshiva, Rabbi Tzvi Kustiner and other Yeshiva rabbis teach regularly scheduled shiurim in private homes, in Mitzpe Ramon synagogues, in other Negev communities and in the Kibbutzim (Kibbutz SEde Boker, Kibbutz Telalim, Merhav'am and more). The Yeshiva’s Rabbis and "avrechim" offer a large volume of Torah lessons that are given regularly and systematically in all the army camps in the region. Each week, hundreds of Israel Defense force soldiers from the officers’ school "Ba’ad Ehad" in Mitzpe Ramon,  "Ramon" Air force camp, Shivta, Ketziot, Shizafon, Lahav and Yerucham army camps attend Gemarah and Halacha lessons in addition to lessons in both faith and morality. Shiurim and activities are also offered to non observant students at the Ramon High School "Hashalom" and in Kindergartens in Mitzpe Ramon. New Russian immigrants also receive regular lessons.
The Yeshiva is involved with spreading Torah to diverse population segments, including new immigrants and veteran Negev residents. During the High Holidays "Yamim Hanorayim" the Yeshiva sends minyanim to kibbutzim and moshavim throughout the Negev.