About The Yeshivah

Yeshivat “Midbara K'Eden” Mitzpe Ramon

Yeshivat “Midbara K'Eden” was established in 5760 (2000) in the town of Mitzpe Ramon, located in the heart of the Negev Desert.

Situated near the beautiful Ramon crater with its great views, and serene atmosphere, our Beit Midash provides an ideal environment for spiritual growth.  

Two hundred and eighty students learn in the Yeshivah, with an additional fifty serving in various capacities in the IDF.  Midbara K'Eden is a recognized hesder Yeshivah.

The Yeshivah is led by our Rosh Yeshivah, Harav Tzvi Kustiner, shlit”a, who considers himself personally responsible for the well-rounded development of each of our students.

The Yeshivah is known for its intense study program, emphasizing Gemara Iyun and Bekiyut, as well as Halacha.  Considerable effort is focused on developing our students’ abilities to learn and understand the Gemara.

Great importance is also placed on studying Emunah – Kuzari, Rambam, Maharal, and the writings of Rav Avraham Yitzchak HaCohen Kook, giving us an insight to the special task of our generation in the Geula. We believe this is necessary in order to understand this generation’s special avodat Hashem.

The Yeshiva’s faculty considers outreach to the broader Israeli community a fundamental obligation.  Throughout the week, there are dozens of Chavrutot (learning partnersips) between our students and Mitzpe Ramon residents.  Rabbi Tzvi Kustiner and the entire faculty conduct regularly scheduled shiurim in Mitzpe Ramon and neighboring kibutzim and army camps, and every week, hundreds of soldiers from the neighboring officers school, the Ramon Air Force camp, Shivta, Shizafon, Lahav and Yerucham army camps attend Gemara and Halacha shiurim.

The yeshivah is the center of Mitzpe Ramon’s religious community and a lighthouse of Torah for the regional community-at-large.